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5 Must-Visit Island of Pakistan

Dear Fellows, Pakistan is full of breathtaking locations which will make you fall in love with this country all over again. So, If you are a tourist or love traveling then you must compile a list of places you plan to visit next year. In this article, I will tell you about the 5 Must-Visit Island of Pakistan.

So, Here are 10 destinations from our list which you must visit in 2021. Your experience would be, indeed, unforgettable.

1. Churna Island and its Water Sports

Churna Island, which is only a two-hour drive away from central Karachi, is a must-visit place. If you love all things about the sea, then you should definitely make a plan to visit Churna Island. So, Here is where you can swim, snorkel, and scuba dive around the island’s reef at a multitude of sea creatures, from fish to snakes and turtles that inhabit its warm waters.


2. Astola Island | Must-Visit Island of Pakistan

Astola Island, locally known as “Haft Talar”, or Island of the Seven Hills, was declared as Pakistan’s first Marine Protected Area on 15 June 2017. So, It is the largest offshore and uninhabited island in the country. 

However, Astola Island’s sandy beach provides a nesting ground for many bird species and the endangered green turtle and hawksbill turtle, and its waters are home to around 35 species of coral, as well as several species of dolphin, whale, and fish.  The local fishermen island used the island for anchoring their boats.


3.  Baba and Bhit Islands | Must-Visit Island of Pakistan

Baba and Bhit Islands are two small and densely populated islands located in the Karachi Harbour, in Karachi, Pakistan. However, The approximate area of the islands is 4 km² and the population is about 25,000.

The islands are connected to Karachi via ferry service to Keamari. The islands, along with Shams Pir, are old fishing villages in the harbor which predate the formal establishment of Karachi. So, the two islands are over 400 years old.


4. Clifton Oyster Rocks

The Clifton Oyster Rocks are a series of islets located off the coast of the Clifton neighborhood of Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. The islands were under the control of the Pakistani Navy until 2006 when the Karachi city government decided to include the island as part of its plans to renovate the city.

So, As part of these plans, the Port Fountain was constructed at the base of the northern island. It shoots water up to 620 feet in the air and is the second-tallest fountain in the world.


5.  Manora Island

Manora is also a popular picnic spot because of the long sandy beaches along the southern edge of the island, which merge into the beaches of the Sandspit and then extend several kilometers to the beaches at Hawkesbay. So, At the southeastern end of Manora island is the Manora Point Lighthouse with a tower 38 metres (125 ft) high it is one of the tallest in Pakistan.


There you have it! This is all about 5 Must-Visit Island of Pakistan. If you have found this article helpful, then leave a comment below and share it with your friends.

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