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How to File an FIR

Dear Friends, This article is purely informational and the entire information provided in the article has been Collected from a variety of authentic sources. So, Here is how you file an FIR.

So, Here is How to File an FIR

following is the procedure of filing an FIR:

  • Go to the police station of concerned jurisdiction.
  • Give your statement to the concerned police officer. The police officer must write down each and every detail pertaining to the offense.
  • So, when the police have recorded all the information you need to verify all the information written in the FIR.
  • However, If the recorded information in the registered FIR is correct, then you need to sign the FIR to verify that the information is written as per the details given by you.

Note: People who cannot read or write, can put their left thumb impression on the document.

However, Before leaving the police station, ask the officer to provide a copy of the registered FIR if they haven’t given you a copy of the FIR.

Things you need to Mention in FIR

  • You should write your name and address
  • Mention the date, time, and location of the crime you are reporting
  • Carefully write the Name and description of the persons involved in the incident
  • Name and address of witnesses if there are any.
  • State the true facts of the crime

Things you should not do

  • Never give false information to the police
  • Don’t distort or exaggerate facts
  • And Don’t give any confusing or unclear statements

How to File an FIR Online

Dear Fellows, In order to facilitate the people some provincial and city police departments, have launched the online FIR system. However, Some provinces also allow the complainants to track the progress of the investigation against the registered FIR. So, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) police department has the E-FIR system which allows the residents of KPK to lodge FIR through the online system. Read the following instructions to know How to File an FIR Online.

  • Access KP police official website.
  • Click on online FIR.
  • Enter your personal details and all the required details regarding the incident.
  • Once all the information has been entered, submit the online form.
  • At the end you will be given an ID to track investigation progress.

There you have it! So, This article was all about how to file an FIR. However, If you have any questions regarding the FIR procedure, then let us know in the comments section.

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