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How to pray five times a day with a busy schedule


Dear Friends, Offering Five Daily Prayers on time is a spiritual struggle for the sake of Allah alone, and what appears difficult initially, becomes easy and part of your daily life when performed with sincerity and dedication. So, in this article, i will tell you How to pray five times a day with a busy schedule.

Though I always tried to Pray each Salah on time but still I sometimes skipped my Salah due to my busy work-schedule. So, Then I followed some rules which greatly helped me in timely offering of each Prayer. So, Following are some tips which a Muslim can follow to get regular in offering Salah:

1. Set Alarm for Each Prayer | How to pray five times a day with a busy schedule


Set alarm for each prayer five minutes before the start of prayer time, especially for Fajr Prayer. However, I did it by downloading Athan app which never fails to notify me for the starting time of each prayer.

2. Plan your schedule around prayers


Just like you plan your schedule according to your daily tasks, try changing it according to the prayer timings. So, If you plan on going shopping, try going in the afternoon after the zuhr prayers and plan on returning before the asar azan. However, If you are in a university during the salah timings, make sure you know the qibla so you can perform prayers accordingly.

3. Combat the “Satan” | How to pray five times a day with a busy schedule


We all know who our enemy is. So, As soon as we spread the prayer mat or even make the niyat to go for ablution, the Satan whispers in our ears and does everything to disturb us, hence stopping us from praying on time. So, We as Muslims should understand the tactics by Satan and avoid falling into his traps.

4. Keep Away from Distractions


The best way to achieve quality salah is to choose a place and time away from distractions such as mobiles; children, TV, etc. crying children and ringing phones can destroy your peaceful time before it even starts. So, always remember to Keep Away from Distractions.

5. Remember the Significance of Prayer


Try to think that the salah you are praying is the one that Allah will question you about on the Day of Judgment. However, You can also consider the prayer as your last one. So, This will help you focus more on the prayer and allow you to perform it with extreme devotion.

There you have it! So, This is all about How to pray five times a day with a busy schedule If you have found this article helpful, then leave a comment below and share it with your friends.

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