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How to Take Control of Your Life

Ever heard the saying ‘Change is the only constant’? So, in this article we will tell you How to Take Control of Your Life or How to Start Over and Reboot Your Life When It Seems Too Late. So, lets get started.

10 Ways to Take Control of Your Life

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

Our time is filled with things we have to do, while our dreams are filled with things we assume we can’t do. Social and financial obligations dictate most of our behavior, while the remainder of our choices are constrained by fear.

1. Stop spending time on social media Best Of How to Take Control of Your Life

Dear Friends, Social media is by far the number one way that people waste time when they should be doing something productive and effective. However, it’s not only about fun and entertainment but, Social Media become a place of pointless arguments, unhealthy social comparison, and painstaking image management.

Social media is a useful platform for keeping in touch with your friends and family around the globe and planning events, but you shouldn’t be hanging out there too much because of spending too much time on social media you are just wasting your valuable hours which can be used for some healthy activities. However, Check Facebook once a day and focus on living your real-life and Take Control of Your Life

side effect of Social Media

2. Sleep on a regular schedule Best Of How to Take Control of Your Life

Dear Friends, For a healthy and wealthy life, Get 7–8 hours of sleep a night. Go to bed early and wake up at about the same time every day. The exact time isn’t terribly important. So, you could sleep from 10–5, or 12–8, or even 3–10. What’s important is keeping a regular time table so your brain can maintain a healthy circadian rhythm. This regularity, in turn, makes it easier to provide an organized structure and order to your life and Take Control of Your Life

  • Don’t use any tablets or drugs to take yourself in a sleepy mood.
  • Do some physical activity or exercise 1 hour before going to the bed.
  • Eat your dinner on time.
  • Organized your bedroom and keep it neat and clean.
  • Try to listen to some motivational speeches once you get into your bed.
Sleep on a regular schedule

3. Start a side business or Job Best Of How to Take Control of Your Life

Having a part-time job or second income provides the same benefits as saving money. So, less stress, more financial freedom. But it goes different with a part-time job or side business, there’s no limit to how much you can make, and you know that if you ever lose your job- or quit it- you can spend more time on your side business or job and scale it up. The flexibility, relaxation, confidence, and satisfaction this gives you is tremendous and Take Control of Your Life

Start a side business or Job

4. Save your money

Dear Fellows, So, When you have some extra money saved up, a few great things happen. You can afford to treat yourself or your friends to something nice everyday so often without worrying about the cost. So, A big part of your life stress decreases. But perhaps most importantly, when you live beneath your means, you no longer have to make life choices with the goal of maximizing your income. However, you can choose to prioritize some other things, like work-life balance, or following your passions.

However, don’t try to save money by cutting out a cup of coffee every day, or by not having a quality and tasty meal. So, The easiest and most effective way to save money is to set up savings accounts like Easypaisa and jazz cash and set up an automatic transfer from your checking account to that savings account every payday and Take Control of Your Life

Save your money

5. Cut back on Drugs and Alcohol Best Of How to Take Control of Your Life

Dear fellow, Drugs are more common in today’s generation. Anyone who is addicted pays for the drugs which are totally waste of money, time, physical, and mental energy. it can give you relaxation for a temporary time but not for a lifetime. In-fact it increases anxiety, stress, and depression in your life day by day. However, it leads to an unsatisfied and unhappy life. So, Below I have mentioned some tips to cut back on Drugs and Take Control of Your Life.

  • Try to do some Exercise when you think of having drugs.
  • Disconnect yourself from the addicted gathering.
  • Make new friends.
  • watch some motivational and life changing videos on YouTube.
  • Eat Desi and Healthy food and fruits.
Cut back on Drugs and Alcohol

6. Build your network

Dear Friends, Stay in touch with people in your industry. Go to events and seminar with them where you can meet educated and professional people. Focus on giving value to people their ideas and contributions. Don’t worry about what you’ll return. However, You’ll need your network someday, and it’s important to build that network before you need it. Ever heard the saying “A Person Is Known By The Company He Keeps“.

7. Make a short to-do list for every day Best Of How to Take Control of Your Life

Friends, Write three items maximum for a day, and the fewer the better. Many of the world’s most productive and successful people only give themselves one big to-do for each day. Focus on what’s most important. Try to complete your to-do list tasks and refuse to fill your schedule with busywork. So, By doing so you will achieve your daily target and will definitely receive some satisfaction out of it. So, this will lead to living a successful life for sure and Take Control of Your Life.

Top view of smart phone, coffee, pen and notepad

8. Go on a trip by yourself

Dear Fellows, Choose a part of the city or Northern area you’d like to explore- or even another part of your home country- and spend at least 3 days or a week exploring it by yourself. This is not only the fun, but it builds a sense of independence that will carry over to the rest of your life. However, you can clear your mind by the new views, beautiful places, greenery, people and new cultures and traditions and Take Control of Your Life.

9. Lose some fat, or gain some muscle

So, Most people could benefit from this health-wise. But there’s an equally important psychological reason to gain or lose weight even if you’re already at a healthy weight: to prove to yourself that you can. So, If you’ve never intentionally gained or lose weight before, doing so once in your life will give you an incredible sense of mastery, confidence, and motivation over your own body and Take Control of Your Life.

10. Think of everything as a choice

Dear Fellows, Stop saying you can’t do things unless they’re physically impossible. Instead, say that you won’t, or that you have other priorities, or you’re not willing to make the effort. Every day is a new day and every day is a new chance. So, Try to utilize your 24 hours effectively and make some real changes in your life which make you live happily and Take Control of Your Life.


Life is too short to spend it on negative things. So keep your focus on positive side and explore the world. Show the world your identity, strength and skills. Time never wait for anyone just live your life and don’t let other stuff to waste your valuable time. Hope this article help you.

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