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Jazz Daily SMS Plus WhatsApp Bundle

Jazz Daily SMS Plus WhatsApp Bundle

If you love texting round the clock or you text only when required, whatever the case is Jazz has you covered and that too at affordable Jazz Daily SMS Plus WhatsApp Bundle.
With the fast-growing world of connectivity, chatting without speaking anything everyone loves to stay in touch with your loved ones around the globe.
With is Jazz Daily SMS + Whatsapp Bundle Offer you well get 1800 Sms/Messages,
10 MB for Whats-app Only that are valid for 1 day (24 Hours) in just rupees 7.2 Pkr.
So Pick up your phone and start texting and send messages at whatsapp through out the day whenever you want.
This Small Bundle is best for those who want to send sms and so a chat on wahtsapp in a day.
If you want both things in your daily life routine.
Then this jazz daily sms plus whatsapp package is for you.

1800 (SMS all networks)

10 ( MB For Whatsapp Only )
1 Day (Validation)
Rs. 7.2 inc tax.


Best Offer is to get all the things you need in just one go so if you need whats-app and SMS both on daily basis then this small and cheap bundle is for you .
To get you conversation every day with your loved one. With jazz say it all ( Duniya Ko Bataa Do).
Texting again and again to the loved once, family and friends are very exciting, because it will keep link you and them together.
with no worry about sms or whats-app because this jazz bundle have it all.
sending text message or doing whats-app conversation both things are available in this micro package in just 7.2 rupees per day.
So Pick up your phone and just dial *334# to activate this offer.
Note: This offer is auto re-subscribe every day so if you don’t want this offer anymore then don’t forget to un-subscribe it by dialing *334#

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  1. To Subscribe: *334#
  2. To Un-subscribe:  * 334 #

Terms & Conditions ( Jazz Daily SMS Plus WhatsApp Bundle )

  1. Jazz Daily SMS Packages Limited time offer of Jazz Daily SMS Plus WhatsApp Bundle
  2. Offer is subject to change anytime but any day
  3. Terms and Conditions apply
  4. So Daily bundle is auto-renewed daily after offer auto-expiry of the bundle, no need to reactive again and again.
  5. For Balance Inquiry Dial *111# for Rs. 0.24 (tax inclusive)
  6. So for any additional query call 111 helplines for Rs. 2.39 (tax inclusive)
  7. Withholding tax of 14% applies on recharge/bill
  8. Service charges of 5% and operational fee of 5% apply on recharge, and 19.5% FED applies on usage but in Punjab, Baluchistan, and KPK
  9. Charges of Service of 5.06% and operational fee of 5.06% apply on recharge, and 18% FED applies on usage in Sindh
  10. Thus Service charges of 5.04% and operational fee of 5.04% apply on recharge, and 18.5% FED applies on usage in rest of Pakistan
  11. Prices in Sindh will be 1.27% higher than in other areas
  12. Where Prices in rest of Pakistan but excluding Punjab and KPK will be 0.84% higher

Jazz Daily SMS Package Click Here

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