Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Package in 30 Rupees – WhatsApp Package Monthly Code, Charges, and Details

With Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Package, you can chat and share unlimited!

As a leading mobile network operator in Pakistan, Jazz has been committed to providing user-friendly and budget-friendly internet offers and other network services to its vast customer base of around 71 million. Jazz’s wide coverage and innovative packages have made it the top choice for millions of users across the country.

Regardless of your needs—be they professional, personal, or academic—Jazz provides a variety of packages to meet them all. We are thrilled to present the amazing Jazz WhatsApp Package Monthly in 30 Rupees, which allows you to stay connected on WhatsApp without going over budget.

Among the offers we are sharing here as a bonus are the Call-Forwarding offer, Full Balance offer, Monthly Freedom offer, Snapchat Packages, Facebook Packages, and Free WhatsApp.

The data details, activation code, status check code, deactivation code (if you wish to deactivate it), and terms & conditions will be covered here.

Monthly WhatsApp Package Details

With the Jazz WhatsApp Package Monthly, WhatsApp addicts will get generous 4 GB of data for WhatsApp use for just Rs.30/-. Subscribers can also use Facebook and IMO with this data. Stay connected with an amazing monthly package that allows you to chat and share precious moments with your loved ones. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to stay connected! Whether you want to share photos and videos or make voice calls, you can do it all with ease.

Note: The validity of offer is for Multan city only

Offer Charges

  • WhatsApp Monthly Package costs Rs.30/month.
  • However, after government taxes, the recharge required to activate this monthly bundle is Rs.52.
  • For any withholding taxes from previous subscriptions, we still recommend charging more than this required amount.

You can also request a double advance from Jazz if necessary before subscribing to any offer.

Activation Code

Your Jazz prepaid SIM can be subscribed to WhatsApp Package Monthly in 30 Rupees by dialing #499# from your phone while on the move.

Subcode for Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Package in 30 Rupees

To prevent your balance from being deducted during data usage, dial the balance save code before using this offer.

Status Check Code

Dial *499*2# to check your remaining 4 GB WhatsApp data and stay updated with your usage.

Furthermore, you can inquire about your leftover data resources by dialing the remaining MBs check code

Deactivation Code

You can unsubscribe from this fantastic offer at any time by dialing *499*4#.Unsubscribe from Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Package in 30 Rupees

To secure your balance, you can also dial the All Packages Unsubscribe code.

Terms and Conditions

  • Only Multan City is eligible for the monthly offer.
  • This offer is available only to Multan residents by dialing *499# @ Rs.52/-.
  • One must redial the activation code after expiration to subscribe to the monthly bundle.
  • It is possible to subscribe to this monthly bundle more than once.
  • A fee of Rs.2.25/MB will be charged if the data expires during the validity period due to over-utilization.
  • Using the internet without subscribing to any data will result in a charge of Rs.5/MB with a charging pulse of 512 KB.
  • Only Multan’s 4G coverage areas are eligible for the offer.
  • Contact customercare@jazz.com.pk if you have any complaints or questions.


Jazz has demonstrated its commitment to its client once again with the launch of the Jazz WhatsApp Package Monthly in 30 Rupees. For the incredible price of just Rs. 52/-, they can now stay connected, share their moments, and chat without restrictions with a whopping 4 GB of data for WhatsApp. Thus, don’t hesitate and enter the code *499# to activate the package right away.

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