Dear Jazz Customer’s This JAZZ POSTPAID SMS Offer Gives You Many SMS Offers. It depends On You That What Type Of SMS Offer You want. Subscribe and Enjoy Any Offer. These are The Following Offers Of JAZZ POSTPAID SMS Offers.


PackagesNaturePriceSMSDATA(Whatsapp Only)Validitysubscribition Code
JSMS-1Bolt OnRs.50250 (local)
250 MB
1 MonthJazz :*441*17# Warid :*777# Menu
JSMS-2Bolt OnRs.90750(local)750 MBJazz :*441*17# Warid :*777# Menu750 MB1 MonthJazz :*441*18# Warid :*777# Menu
JSMS-3Bolt OnRs.150Unlimited (6000 FUPNil1 MonthJazz :*441*19# Warid :*777# Menu
Jazz 2000 Add-onAdd OnRs.502000Nil1 MonthJazz*441*25# Warid :*777# Menu


The ideal SMS solution to your SMS problems.

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  • The bundles will be applicable for all networks, anytime during the month
  • The SMS bundle can be subscribed by calling 777 (Club Postpaid members can subscribe to the bundles by calling their respective CAMs)
    • The bundle will be activated within 3 hours of subscription request
    • Once subscribed, the bundle will be automatically available every month to the customers. The bundles can be unsubscribed by calling 777.
  • Bundle SMS will be valid for one month starting from the bill date. In case a bundle is subscribed or unsubscribed in the middle of a month (according to bill date), the bundles will NOT be prorated and full charges will apply along with the complete number of SMS.
    • For example, if a bundle J SMS-1 is subscribed 15 days before the bill date, the customer will be charged full Rs.30 and 300 SMS will be available for consumption till the bill date.
    • Similarly, if a bundle SMS-1 is unsubscribed 10 days before the bill date, full charges of Rs.30 will apply
    • The customer can subscribe to only one SMS bundle at a time. To change a J SMS bundle, the previous bundle will expire immediately and full charges of both bundles will apply in that month.
    • Unwanted and unethical (unreasonable) messages can be reported by texting SENDER’s NUMBER (SPACE) message to 9000 –PTA
  • In light of recent orders of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, Sales Tax and Advance Income Tax are not being collected from Postpaid Consumers in Pakistan w.e.f. 16th Oct 2018. The tax amount mentioned in the bill (if any) is related to the amounts incurred upto 15th Oct 2018.

Note: Premium SMS will not be included in bundled SMS

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Jazz being the best network of Pakistan gives all of their customer’s healthy packages that bring life to their network and for the users of jazz 
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