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Must-Visit Spot in the Northern Areas of Pakistan


Pakistan has an extraordinary and magnificent variety of landscapes ranging from five of the highest mountain peaks in the world to some of the largest and unique plateaus in the west and finally, awe-inspiring flat Indus plains in the east. So, It is a land in which the entire canvas of its topography is colored with picturesque valleys, treacherous mountaintops, serene bodies of water, and lush green meadows. So, In this article, I will tell you about the Must-Visit Spot in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. Let’s Start.

1. Fairy meadows


To reach Fairy Meadows, one needs to take the bus or private car on the Karakorum Highway to Chilas and continue about 50 kilometers to Raikot bridge.

However, There are jeeps available to take you to the Tato village from where you hike for around two hours.

So, Just the name alone gets us wondering if there are actual fairies living here.  Judging by its ethereal beauty, they may as well be. Being in Fairy Meadows is like being in a real-life fairytale. 

2. Trango Tower


The Trango tower, located in the Baltoro Glacier region present in the Gilgit-Baltistan territory, is the most spectacular vertical alpine climb in the entire world.

So, It has intrigued and inspired alpine climbers from all over the world to achieve its nearly impossible ascent to the top.

Against the backdrop of the mighty mountain ranges of the Karakorum

The Trango Tower stands erect with all the unfaltering pride and greatness of a Greek God.

So, It is a mesmerizing sight and an arduous climb as it is completely vertical and its sheer magnificence makes it stand out amidst the entire range of peaks that surround it.

3. Deosai Plains | Must-Visit Spot in the Northern Areas of Pakistan


The breathtaking Deosai plateau enjoys the status of one of the highest plateaus in the world. Reaching 13,497 feet above sea level, it is approximately 30 kilometers away from the town of Skardu (Baltistan region).

So, It is given all sorts of magical names, such as fairyland.

Its beauty is absolutely mind-blowing in the summer months when millions of wildflowers paint the valley a multitude of bright colors that give it the effect of a mystical paradise.

4. Shogran Valley | Must-Visit Spot in the Northern Areas of Pakistan


Shogran is a hill station situated on a green plateau in the Kaghan Valley, northern Pakistan at a height of 2,362 meters above sea level. So, It is located in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Shogran is located at a distance of 34 kilometers away from Balakot.

So, The road from Islamabad to Kiwai is metalled and measures 212 kilometers. Hotels and motels are available at affordable costs. Mobile phone services are also available thereby Telenor and Zong. However, the local people are friendly and peaceful. So, It attracts families and explorers alike. You should not miss a trip to the Forest Rest House.

5. Siri Paye Meadows


While in Shogran (7,850 ft 2,400 meters.), it is mandatory to head up the rough jeep track to the Paye Meadows that sit pretty amongst the clouds at 10,500 ft. (3,200 meters.).

So, This perilously winding 6 km. exciting, and jaw clenching drive up steep hairpin turns is an adventure in itself and one that you will not soon forget.

So, visitors can reach to dispense with jeeps in favor of a 2 to 3-hour hike up the extravagantly lush pine forest track.

6. Neelum Valley


Neelum Valley is located in Azad Kashmir and being there is like jumping into a bright-colored painting with a marvel waiting at every corner.

However, Neelum Valley is filled with lush green hills, dense forests, glorious waterfalls, and freshwater streams that glisten under the sun.

Walking through the valley, travelers will encounter bright smiles from the locals, and against a backdrop of the beautiful green valley, it is easy to believe you have walked straight into heaven.

7. Kalash Valley | Must-Visit Spot in the Northern Areas of Pakistan


Nestled between the Hindu Kush mountain range in Chitral. These beautiful valleys are home to the indigenous and unique Kalash tribe.

However, The mesmerizing beauty of the area, the meadows, and the unique architecture of the houses make this place worth exploring. So, Don’t miss the annual feast called Chilam Joshi if you are visiting in May.

There you have it! This is all about Must-Visit Spot in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. If you have found this article helpful, then leave a comment below and share it with your friends.

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