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PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks

PUBG as it’s known by fans — is finally available on mobile.So, The PC, Xbox One, and now Android and iOS smash hit may have lost some ground to Epic Games’ Fortnite in the ‘great battle royale war’, but the sandbox kill-fest reigns supreme on Android sitting in the Play Store top games with millions of downloads. In this article, i will tell you about Pubg Mobile Tips and Tricks. So, let’s start.

How to survive and win a battle royale

For those new to the game, the first thing you should know is that PUBG is all about surviving until the bitter end in a 100-person free-for-all or as a team by any means necessary. 

Yet whether you’re the kind of player that likes to grab the best weapons you can find and go all guns blazing.

In this guide, you’ll find some essential PUBG Mobile tips and tricks.

That will put you ahead of the pack and help you bag those sweet, sweet chicken dinners.

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Choose where to land very carefully


A game of PUBG can last as long as half an hour or, if things go horribly wrong.

It can all be over in a few seconds.

One surefire way of exiting early is by misjudging your initial landing spot, which is why it’s first on our list of PUBG Mobile tips and tricks.

As a general rule of thumb, you want to aim for the best loot spots in the game map you’re playing on.

while also avoiding as many other players as possible.

There are some particular areas that regularly spawn the best weapons and armor such as the military base, power plant.

Loot first, shoot later | PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks


if you die in PUBG you are dead. In solo play, there are no second chances.

And in squads, you’ll be putting your team’s chances of victory at risk if you keep getting down early.

Once you hit the floor, your first priority is gearing up so you don’t get clipped in any initial skirmishes. 

You’ll find crucial loot scattered around in buildings and supply crate drops.

Only shoot when you’re in range | PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks


This is the ultimate rookie error and it’ll get you killed more than anything else in PUBG Mobile.

So, Deciding when to hide and when to attack is a tricky balancing act.

But you should never ever open fire unless you know your weapon has a chance of hitting the target.

While knowing when you’re in range will take some practice for complete newcomers,

So, if you have any experience with PvP shooters you’ll already have a fair understanding of the basics.

Shotguns (especially the awesome S12K) and SMGs are useful for up-close burst damage.

However, Assault rifles and pistols are good for mid-range fights, and sniper rifles are perfect for long-distance potshots.

So, Where possible, try to keep complementary weapons on hand and don’t carry two weapons that fulfill the same purpose.

Keep an eye on the map | PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks


So, It’ll take a fair few games to learn the layout of certain areas of the PUBG map, let alone the whole thing.

While you’re getting used to the landscape, make sure you’re paying attention to the minimap and keeping an eye on the diminishing play area.

In PUBG, the only safe area lies within “The Circle”.

So, This circle will begin to shrink at select times during the match and if you find yourself outside of it for too long, you’ll eventually die.

However, The damage you take in this electrified blue field will increase as the circle shrinks.

Early on you’ll be fine for a few minutes, while in the very final stage you won’t last more than ten seconds.

Hide and peek | PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks


PUBG games almost always end with a tiny group of fighters lying around on the floor hoping someone else pops their head up first. 

So, That person usually gets domed immediately, by the way, so make sure it isn’t you.

However, Going fully prone in PUBG is an important maneuver, so much so that it has its own dedicated button. 

It’s also a double-edged sword, however, as while you’ll get a nice recoil and accuracy boost and generally be a little more hidden, mobility is almost non-existent.

So, If someone approaches you from behind while you’re on your chest, you’re almost definitely going to end up dead.

However, When out in the open, taking advantage of rocks and the sides of buildings for cover can be a much safer alternative. 

That’s it.

So, If you have any other PUBG Mobile tips and tricks to share with your fellow comrades? Fire away in the comments.

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