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Super Daily Offer

Super Daily Offer

Jazz Super daily offer brings a lot of talk time for the jazz users for a whole day.
So if you are a jazz user then good news for you, now you can call tension freely with jazz network.
The super daily offer of jazz gives you 300 Free on-net Mins with the Validity of One day (24 hours).
this offer free mins are usable on both Jazz to Jazz and Jazz to Warid Network.
The cost of an offer is 17 rupees per day including tax.

Free Mins In Jazz Super daily offer:

300 Free On-net Mins are available in this offer for jazz / Warid to Jazz / Warid users.

Free SMS In Super daily offer:

There are no free SMS included in this offer because this offer is call oriented only.

Free Internet In Super daily offer:

There is no free Internet included in this offer because this offer is call oriented only.

Cost of this Offer:

17 rupees per day including taxes are the charges of this Super daily offer so get this package now.

The validity of this Offer:

This jazz super daily offer is valid for midnight the same day of subscription.
Midnight the same day means that the offer will be valid till 12:00 AM.

Any Hidden Charges:

Call setup charges will be applied per call and there are no other hidden charges are there rather than that.

Below is the brief table for offer:

300 Free On-Net Minutes
1 Day Validity
Rs. 17 Including Taxes.


Jazz super daily offer is one of the best offers for daily free calling users, so users who talk freely throughout the day on different jazz or Warid numbers then this super package is best for them.
Because they get the ease of talking freely all day on any Warid or jazz number in just 17 Rs.

They will get 300 Free Mins for all-day till midnight so get your phone ready to get this jazz super daily offer.

Activation Procedure:

Jazz super daily offer is valid for all jazz or Warid prepaid users so if you are a Warid or jazz prepaid user and want to activate this offer then,
dial *212# from your phone and get 300 free on-net mins right away in 17 Rs.

This offer is an auto-renewal offer so if you don’t want to use this offer then dial *212*4# to un-subscribe from this offer.
Also, if you want to see your remaining free mins then dial *212*3# for info string.

Other ways of activating this offer

Now, with the Super Bundle, you receive 300 Jazz and Warid minutes for an entire day! Just dial *444# and select Super Bundle or directly dial *212#

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Mechanics of Jazz super daily offer:

  • Subscription: *212#
  • Un-Subscription: *212*4#
  • Info String: *212*3#

Terms & Conditions

  • With the Super, Daily Offer you will receive 300 Jazz Warid minutes valid till midnight!
  • Limited time offer, it is subject to change anytime
  • Call set up fee is applicable
  • Overage of Rs. 1/MB applies for all mobile internet bundles
  • Actual internet speed will depend on multiple factors like sim, device, web pages accessed, time of day, number of simultaneous users, distance from 2G/3G/4G site, etc
  • If you are not subscribed to any bundle base rate will be charged i.e. Rs. 3.6/ MB. Charging pulse will be 512 KB

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