Telenor Balance Save Code 2023 (Updated 2024) and Balance Save Karnay Ka Tariqa – Balance Shock Offer Details, Charges, and Validity

Are you Telenor network user and worry about your balance loss while using internet and want to save Telenor Balance you are on right place 

Telenor Balance save code 2023 will save Telenor balance while using internet , follow the methods that’s suits you 

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Methods To Save Telenor Balance

Telenor Balance Saver – ٹیلی نار بیلنس سیو کرنے کا طریقہ

For those who need Telenor ka balance save krny ka tareeka, you will find it here. Just dial *345*82*143# to lock and save your balance

Telenor Balance Save Code –Balance Lock Service

Telenor offers a balance saver with the Telenor Balance Lock Service, where you can dial *7799# to protect your mobile balance while using the telenor data packages.

Package DetailsSubscriptionCharges
Balance lock serviceTelenor Balance saverDial *7799#0 rupees

How to activate it?

The following instructions must be followed to activate the balance lock offer:

  • The first step is to enter the code *7799# in the dialing pad.
  • Balance save krny ka code for Telenor
  • In order to confirm your subscriptions, follow the instructions on the screen.
  • You have successfully subscribed to the offer.
  • You can now use your internet packages without having to worry about losing your balance.

The company provides this solution as one of the fastest solutions to the balance lost problem.

Telenor PayG Blocker Package Plan – Balance Save Call Method

If Balance Lock offer do not work try this Method

For this method, you must contact the operator’s customer support service.

Telenor’s balance save call method includes the following details:

Package DetailsSubscriptionCharges
PayG Blocker PackageTelenor Balance saverCall on 3450 rupees

What is the process for activating it?

In order to activate the Telenor balance save offer, follow these steps:

  • To contact customer service, open your mobile dial pad
  • Press the call button on the 345 customer support number.
  • Balance Save Call Method for Telenor PayG Blocker Package Plan
  • Tell the agent you need the balance save service activated.
  • After agreeing to the general terms and conditions, you will receive a confirmation message.
  • You can now use the internet without losing your balance.

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Telenor Balance Shock Offer – An Alternative

Once your internet package expires and you run out of MBs, your internet usage charges will start deducting from your balance If the Telenor Balance Shock Bundle is activated, your balance will be secured even after your main package expires.

Package DetailsSubscriptionCharges
Balance Shock Offer300 MBs fro 30 daysDial *503#Validity 30 Days5 rupees

How to Subscribe

  • You can activate the offer by dialing *503# from your dial pads.
  • Upon dialing the code, you will receive 30 days of balance shock kit resources.

Mobile Settings for Telenor Balance Save

If you tried all the above methods and no one is working , don’t worry there is another method 

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Go to your Mobile Settings 
  • Go to the Network Settings section.
  • You will see a new list when you click on Mobile Data.
  • apps are listed here.
  • All apps for which you do not have a package activated should be turned off or unchecked.
  • Turn on or check only those apps whose package you are currently using.
  • You can now use the internet without being charged anything by the network.

Introduction of Telenor

The second largest cellular and digital service provider in Pakistan, Telenor Pakistan is a subsidiary of the Telenor Group. In 2004, the company was granted a GSM license and launched its commercial services. As a result, Telenor Pakistan has grown into a major player in Pakistan’s telecommunications market, offering a wide range of voice, data, and digital services.

Term and Condition 

If one chooses any of the methods above for locking and saving their balance, there are several terms and conditions to observe.

The following are the general terms and conditions:

  • The operator may change these codes and taxes at any time.
  • Prepaid customers can only take advantage of these balance saving offers.
  • The sim card must be biometrically verified.
  • In any case, government taxes will apply.

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