Telenor Call Forwarding Code (Updated 2024) – Telenor call Diverting Service 

Your phone is sometimes unreachable or turned off, so you’re missing important calls.

With Telenor’s wonderful and practical “Telenor Call Forwarding Service,” we’ve got you covered.

It’s become more important than ever to stay connected in the fast-paced world of today. Every call matters, no matter if it’s from a loved one or a significant business prospect. 

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But occasionally, the sim network cannot be accessible, informing us of incoming calls without warning. The Telenor Call Forwarding Code will come in handy in this situation. This code is a straightforward but efficient way to stay connected wherever you go.

Innovation and customer satisfaction are closely associated with Telenor Pakistan. For this reason, it provides incredible Telenor internet deals, such the Telenor Weekly EasyCard 300. With its array of telecom services, it consistently aims to simplify the lives of its clients. One such service that gives you the ability to manage your calls so you never miss an important one is Telenor Call Diverting. 
We’ll walk you through Telenor’s Call Forwarding Service in this post so you can use this practical tool with ease.

Telenor Call Forwarding Service Details

Making use of call forwarding can revolutionize the way you meet your communication needs.

Life might get hectic at times, and you have to maintain your focus. Whether it’s during crucial meetings or just when you can’t pick up the phone. This Call Diversion Service then becomes useful. This service guarantees that you won’t worry about missing calls because you won’t miss them in the first place.

PackageActivation codeDeactivation codeCharges
Telenor Call Forwarding Dial **21*Number#Dial ##21# Rs. 0 

The free service can be activated or deactivated as follows:

  • To initiate or sign up for the service, call **21*Number# on the Telenor Call Diverting Code. 
  • To forward your calls, replace “Number” with the appropriate phone number. 
  • Your sim number will receive an activation for the service. You won’t ever again miss a crucial call. 
  • Just dial the Telenor Call Diverting Unsubscribe Code ##21# to stop receiving the service. 

Another code that you can use to forward calls on any network is *21*0300786#. For your convenience, this multifunctional code streamlines the entire procedure. In terms of fees, the cost is determined by your consumption, which makes it an affordable and adaptable solution.

How does the Offer Work?

When you are unable to answer the phone but still want those important calls to be answered, this service is a gift. In addition to being a simple solution, subscribing is totally free.

The Call Forwarding Service takes over whenever someone phones. The alternate number you provided during the subscription will automatically receive the call. It’s crucial to remember, though, that this feature is only available while your phone is busy. The call will not be forwarded if your phone is unreachable, turned off, or not in network coverage.

This guarantees that the service runs smoothly and only kicks in when required. This will prevent calls from being unnecessarily diverted while your phone is available.

Telenor Call Forwarding Activation Code

Enter the phone number you wish to have your calls forwarded to in place of the “Number” when you dial the Telenor Call Diverting Activation Code **21*Number#. This implies that the service will forward the call to the designated number when someone calls you while your phone is busy.

Telenor Call Forwarding Code Details

Service Charges

The price of this service is determined by how much you use it. You won’t be charged unless you use it frequently. Therefore, this service is an affordable option free of extra fees.

Call Diverting Deactivation Code

To deactivate the Telenor Call Forwarding service when it’s no longer required or to temporarily stop the service, dial ##21#.

Terms and Conditions

  • Only Telenor prepaid customers are eligible for this promotion.
  • Users can choose from different service fees according to weekly and monthly schedules.
  • Only when your mobile phone number is busy or engaged in another call will call redirection take place.
  • Except situations where calls are routed to your voicemail, the cost of a call diversion is determined by your tariff plan.
  • You can easily access the required settings on your phone to activate call divert.
  • Visit the official Telenor website for further information and specifics.

Call Forwarding by Phone Settings

You can use the built-in Call Diverting settings on your mobile phone in addition to activating the Call Forwarding Service on your sim by entering the USSD code **21*Number#. Call forwarding can be tailored to your personal preferences. If you’d like handle call management more manually, this manual customization comes in quite helpful.

You can manually activate call forwarding through your phone’s settings by following these steps:

Step 1: Access Mobile “Phone Settings”

Find the settings menu on your mobile device and select it. Depending on the make and model of your phone, it can be found on the home screen or in the app drawer.

Step 2: Locate “Call Settings”

Locate the “Call settings” option in the phone’s settings menu. Depending on your device, it may be under “Network & Internet” or “Connections.”

Step 3: Activate “Call Forward” Option

There are a number of call-related options available once you navigate into the “Call settings” section. Find “Call forward” or a comparable option, then pick it.

Step 4: Add the Desired Forwarding Number

You can add the phone number to which you want your calls to be diverted within the “Call forward” settings. To guarantee precise call redirection, carefully enter the required number.

Step 5: Save New Settings

Save the updated configurations after adding the forwarding number. Now, when you are busy, calls on your phone will be forwarded to the designated number.


The instructions for turning on or off the service when needed have been provided. This is a service you can use when switching numbers or on long travels. In order to avoid missing calls, it can also be used to forward calls from any given number. For the clients, it is a useful service in any event. 

If you prefer making audio calls, use the Telenor call package 50 Rupees Code to purchase a call package that fits your budget.

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