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Telenor EasyCard Plus Package

Hello Friends, Here we are with the supper Telenor Monthly Easy Card 800 this offer can be subscribed by going to any nearby retailer, by getting an Easy Card 800 Scratch the Card or by dialing *80#. After activating the Telenor EasyCard Plus offer the customer will get 3000 on the net and PTCL minutes and 300 off-net minutes, 300 SMS, and 6000 internet bundle. so visit your nearby store or market and purchase Telenor EasyCard Plus and get the benefit of this offer.

Telenor EasyCard Rs 800

Telenor Easy Card 800 offers convenience and great value that lasts the entire month. Enjoy all network calls, SMS, and internet without any additional charges. Telenor is providing the offers to its customers and that’s why every time Telenor Pakistan comes with a new and attractive offer which is really cost-effective and affordable for all the subscribers. Telenor EasyCard Rs 800 can be used throughout the month and after 30 days the offer will end. But this offer really fulfills all your social activities during the activation time for the 30 days. Now jump into any nearby market and find the Telenor retailer to subscribe to the Telenor EasyCard 800 offer.

Telenor Monthly Card

Dear Customers Telenor Monthly Card is offered by Telenor Pakistan. Telenor Pakistan has always provided the best offer to its users and Telenor Monthly Card is one of Telenor Pakistan’s best services. now users can easily subscribe to Telenor Monthly Card and can easily connect to their loved once any time throughout the whole Month. So, You can subscribe to this offer just for Rs. 800 and get the advantages of Telenor Monthly Card by following some easy steps. Telenor Monthly Card is offering Thousands of Internet data which is probably more than enough for the 30 days plus three thousand on-net minutes and 300 off-net minutes so you can connect to your fellows anytime you want. Moreover, it is offering 3000 SMS which is valid for one month.

Resources of Telenor EasyCard Plus Package

On net and PTCL Minutes3000
Off net Minutes300
Internet 6000
Validity 30 days
Telenor Monthly EasyCard Plus

How to Subscribe ?

  • Telenor Monthly Easy Card 800 can be subscribed by going to any nearby retailer.\
  • By Purchasing an Easy Card 800 Scratching the Card or by dialing *80#.
  • Follow the instruction of the Telenor operator once you dial *80#.
  • Moreover, you can scratch the card and dialed the given number on the Telenor Monthly Easycard.
  • Telenor is providing the best offers to its customers, subscribe to the offer now, and multiple benefits from Telenor Monthly Easy Card 800.
  • Make sure you don’t share the details of the Telenor Super Monthly Card with anyone.

Eligibility Criteria of Telenor EasyCard Plus Package

All the Telenor Prepaid and Djuice customers are eligible for this offer. So, Visit now to any nearby Telenor Retailer and purchase the Telenor Monthly EasyCard Plus and activate the offer by following a few simple steps.

Advantages of Telenor EasyCard Plus Package

  • All the Telenor customers can activate the Telenor Super Monthly Card 800.
  • Telenor is one of the best operators in Pakistan providing cost-effective services to the customers.
  • So, This offer provides free SMS to all networks of Pakistan.
  • The EasyCard Plus Package provides free calls to all networks of Pakistan.
  • The package provides free internet for the whole 30 days.
  • The Cost of Telenor Easy Card Plus Offer is Rs.800 and you can facilitate yourselves with this hybrid offer throughout the whole month.
  • Telenor EasyCard Rs 800 can be activated easily by following simple steps.
  • This offer is available in any Telenor Retailer shop.
  • The offer is cost-effective and useful for internet users.
  • However, The package can be used for long-distance relations.
  • Telenor Super Card 800 offer is also beneficial for college and university students.

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Terms and Conditions

  • Easy Card price and resources may differ in AJK/GB.
  • Offer mechanics and price are subject to change at any time.
  • Telenor reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any time.

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Telenor Full Day Package
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