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Telenor Monthly Tiktok Offer

Dear Fellows, Now you can enjoy Tiktok for the whole month at cheaper rates through Telenor Monthly Tiktok Offer.

In Pakistan, one of the biggest issues is load shedding, and ultimately we lost our internet connections that causes many issues.

So, we are unable to connect to any social platform, no browsing, no videos, completely blank.

Telenor also presented reasonable offers including Telenor Monthly Tiktok Offer to make its users happy and satisfied with itself.

So, to use Tiktok without facing any difficulty or not getting interrupted in between, you have a better option of Telenor Tiktok offer, the details related to this offer is given below.

Telenor Monthly Tiktok Offer includes


2GB Internet, now record your hashtags challenges with this mind-blowing Telenor Tiktok offer.


This offer is valid for 30 Days, Telenor informed its users at the expiration of Telenor Monthly Tiktok Offer.

Eligibility Criteria

Only prepaid Telenor users are eligible for this offer.

However, Customers can also send SMS ‘internet’ to 131 to activate internet settings on their devices.

To Activate Telenor Monthly Tiktok Offer

So, You can activate the package through My Telenor App, available on Google Play Store.

Or by sending an SMS of ‘internet’ to 131 to activate the internet settings of the package which I have mentioned above in the Eligibility Criteria.

To check remaining data of Telenor Tiktok Offer

Telenor provides a better option by launching My Telenor App for its users.

Where all kinds of Telenor services are available where you can also check your remaining data of Telenor Offers.

Terms and Conditions

So, Always keep in mind, if you are not subscribed to the bundle then default charges of 4.8/MB have been set by Telenor at 3G & 4G and the default usage rate at 2G is Rs. 25.09/MB.

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