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Telenor SMS Packages-Daily, Weekly & Monthly (Latest Updated)

Details and Activation Codes:

Telenor Company is one of the finest network providers in Pakistan in terms of SMS bundles and packages, Decades ago Telenor Djuice is the first providers who gave you the decent price per SMS but nowadays most of the companies launched the SMS bundles offers, So there for Telenor also provides a lot of SMS bundles to their customers.
So today we are going to list all the latest Telenor SMS bundles and packages for our website visitors, All these packages are up-to-date.
Telenor provides different types of packages in this category namely, Telenor Daily SMS Offers, 3 days offers, weekly offers, 15 days offers, monthly offers, and some other offers as well.

So lets start there details and activation codes one by one.

Telenor Daily SMS Packages (Latest Updated)

In daily Message offers, users can activate the bundles for 1 day as per their needs and then unsubscribe to that bundle. Also we will tell you how to activate Telenor daily bundle offers?
Below is the table containing daily offers, their details and activation codes:

Telenor Daily SMS Bundles
Package NamePriceActivation CodeDetails
Saat se Saat OfferRs. 8.50 incl.taxDial:*5*727#Unlimited on-net 7AM-7PM+20 MB+Unlimited SMS(talkshawk)
Daily messaging BundleRs. 2.5 incl.taxDial: *2*2*1#300 SMS
Telenor 3 Day SMS Packages (Latest Updated)

Moving forward, After daily offers, we have 3 days SMS Offers to be a list, In 3 days offers they also have 2 major packages for their customers ( 3 Day Onnet Offer, All in One Offer).
Here is the detailed table of 3 days’ offers.

Telenor 3 Days SMS Bundles
Package NamePriceActivation CodeDetails
3 Day Onnet Offer Rs. 36 incl.taxDial *730#250 on-net mint+500 SMS+15 MBs
All in One OfferRs. 54.89 inlc.taxDial *345*45#Rs.75 Balance for Calls &SMS+500MBs

If you want to see packages details on an android app click here

Telenor Weekly SMS Packages (Latest Updated)

Weekly packages are the most activated packages throughout Pakistan because they will give you “Sakoon” for the whole week at a reasonable price. So Mostly Service providers in Pakistan focus on weekly SMS offers, here is the list of all weekly packages activate the best you want for you.

Telenor Weekly SMS Packages
Package NamePriceActivation CodeDetails
Weekly Messaging OfferRs. 11.94 incl.taxDial *2*2*2#12000 SMS, 100 MB WhatsApp.
Weekly SMS BundleRs 15.5 incl.taxDial: *345*112#12000 SMS
Telenor 15 Days SMS Packages ( Latest Updated )

15 days or 2 weeks SMS packages are the demand of most users as they will get a decent amount of SMS at a reasonable price, So here are the 2 major packages for 15 Days SMS package, or 2 weeks SMS package.

Telenor 15 days SMS Packages
Package NamePriceActivation CodeDetails
15 Day Messaging BundleRs. 41.83 incl.taxDial *2*2*5#3500 SMS, 200 MB Internet.
15 Day Economy SMS BundleRs 17 incl.taxDial: *345*112#800 SMS
Telenor Monthly SMS Packages (Latest Updated)

Monthly SMS bundle means relief for the whole month and you can enjoy the best SMS bundles as per your need for the whole month. So here is the detailed table you can select the best you want for you.

Telenor Monthly SMS Packages
Package NamePriceActivation CodeDetails
Monthly SMS BundleRs 47.8Dial: *345*363#6000 SMS
Monthly Messaging BundleRs 47.8 incl.taxDial *2*2*3#10,000 SMS+300 MBs
Other SMS Packages (Latest Updated)

Other then daily, weekly, 15 days, monthly packages there are some more SMS offers that are mostly use able for the customers so we listed them here in the other sms packages section below.

Telenor other sms packages
Package NamePriceActivation CodeDetails
SMS Bundle 200Rs. 200 incl.taxDial:*345*763#6000 SMS/month
SMS Bundle 30Rs. 30 incl.taxDial *345*761#250 SMS/month
SMS Bundle 60Rs. 60 incl.taxDial *345*762#600 SMS/month
5 Day SMS BundleRs. 7 incl.taxDial: *345*015#300 SMS

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