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Ufone Mega Daily 3G Package

Dear Ufone Customers.! Ufone Mega Internet Offer is providing 2GB Internet to its users in 15 rupees only. This internet offer is the best for late-night internet users. Get thousands of MBs by activating the Ufone Mega Daily 3G Package and stay active on your social media accounts. So, Get connected to people on your social accounts and chat with them for the whole eight hours. Offer can be subscribed by dialing the offer code. Ufone Mega Daily 3G package is the cheapest internet package in order to use it for the night time.

Ufone 3G Internet Package

Dear Customers, Ufone Pakistan is providing the best 3G internet package. Here in this Ufone 3G Internet Package, the customer will receive 2 GB internet volume which is valid from 1 AM to 8 AM. So, Ufone’s best internet package is here now so activate the Ufone Mega Daily 3G Package and get thousands of MBs for one day. By using the best speed of the internet you can access your social accounts anywhere around the country and get facilitate by this super offer moreover you can watch a bundle of videos on youtube as well.

Ufone Cheapest 3G Package

Now in just Rs 15, Ufone is offering the cheapest 3G Package for its customers which provides thousands of MBs which is usable between 1 AM and 8 AM. This Ufone 3G Internet Package is best for the people who mostly use the internet at night time and being active on their social media accounts after 1 Am. Secondly, Users can use up to 2 GB of internet till 8 Am. Ufone is providing the best speed of internet all over the country so users will not face any difficulty or any issue while using the Ufone 3G internet package. The speed of the internet is very smooth and accurate and I am sure customers will happy to use the Ufone 3G internet package because as it is really cheap and affordable.

Activation Code

The Activation Code for Ufone Mega Daily 3G Package is *550#


Ufone is providing all these incentive in just Rs.15 to its customers


  • To subscribe the offer dial *550# and after few seconds it will be activated on your number.
  • As the charges of Ufone Mega Daily 3G Package is Rs. 15 and it is valid between 1 Am and 8 Am.
  • To unsubscribe the package dial *5501# and the offer will be unsubscribed from your number.
  • So, Get the cheapest and affordable packages from Ufone Pakistan and by dialing a simple code.

Ufone Best Package Description:

After the consumption of the whole bucket volume, default data charges will be applied.
Ufone Special 3G Package Internet Buckets are recursive and will be activated on daily basis so if you don’t want Ufone Special 3G Package anymore then unsubscribe it by dialing respective un-subscription code.

Note: Multiple subscriptions of the Ufone Special 3G Package is not allowed.
Ufone Special 3G Package Buckets subscribers will get maximum available speed this is available for the user according to the area and device they have.
Information: Actual Internet speed is dependent on multiple factors such as location of the user, time of the use, device of the user, web pages this is accessed, number of subscribers of Ufone Special 3G Package, etc.

All prices that are mentioned for Ufone Special 3G Package are inclusive of taxes so only 6 rupees will be deducted from you. 
FUP of 100 MB applies on Social daily bucket and FUP of 1 GB applies on Social monthly bucket.

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Terms and Conditions

•The prepaid customers are eligible for all buckets. by dialing *3# buckets will activate.
•Please dial *706# to check the remaining balance of Ufone Prepaid 3G buckets. However, dial *707# to check the remaining balance of Social Data Buckets. Standard charges apply.
•Make sure you don’t subscribe to multiple buckets at the same time because it is not allowed.
•FUP of 1GB applies on Social monthly bucket.

•More info about the Prices that prices are added with taxes.
•Actual Internet speed will depend on multiple factors such as location, time, device, web pages accessed, number of subscribers, etc. So, Bucket subscribers will get the maximum available speed.
•However, as for as bucket volume is concerned, Voice calling on Whatsapp will be charged as per default rate and volume used on WhatsApp voice calls will not be deducted from bucket volume.

• FUP of 100MB applies on Social daily bucket.
• And to be noted that Weekly 3G Bucket is allowed for multiple subscriptions.

Default Mobile Internet Rate:

• Default tariff will be Rs.20 for the first MB and the user will get the next 19 MBs free, then will get charged for the 21st MB and will get the next 19 MBs free and so on.
• Volume accumulator will reset at 00:00 hrs every day as it happens in the current scenario

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