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Zong Free Package for Facebook

Zong Free Package for Facebook

Good news for zong users , zong provide Zong Free 3G / 4G Package for Facebook for all prepaid users even 0 balance required users enjoy free chatting, posts, and pics etc.
using free facebook is so exciting things for the users
who are so much exciting to use facebook every day for the chatting purpose so here is the most exciting package form Zong.
Note: Zong Free 3G/4G Package for facebook only have free usage of text things on facebook. It does not include picture or media feature.

Unlimited MB of Free Internet Data Valid between: Facebook Free Mode Data
1 Day Validity
Rs. 0


Facebook Flex is the unique feature that allows ZONG users to stay connected with Facebook even with zero balance.
Yes! You heard it right if you have zero balance and you want to use facebook or messenger then you can use it by Zong Free 3G / 4G Package for Facebook.
This Zong Free 3G / 4G Package for Facebook package have unlimited MB’s of data so you don’t need to worry about the data/internet.

Steps to use free facebook on zong

Zong Free 3G / 4G Package for Facebook allows users to switch between DATA mode and FREE mode of Facebook.
Open facebook app and on the top of facebook you will see Data Mode or Free mode, if you want to use facebook for media or pictures then use Data Mode otherwise you can use Free Mode that is totally free on Zong network.

Free Mode:

Zong users can enjoy Facebook even without balance by switching to the FREE mode, in which they will be able to post statuses, likes, comments, chat, check-ins, send friend requests but you don’t have media or picture sending or receiving feature in free mode.

Data Mode:

In order to view rich content such as videos, HD photos and external links, customers can switch to DATA mode and they will be charged as per their data plan.
Note: In data mode your data will be consumed or if you didn’t subscribed to any data bundle then your balance will be consumed at the standard data charges from the zong network.

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How to Use Free Facebook on Zong

Want to use free facebook on zong or Mobilink network then you are on right place below is the steps to use Zong Free 3G / 4G Package for Facebook.

1: Open your Facebook.
2: Go to free mode any time by clicking the “Go to Free” button on the top of your Facebook timeline.
3: Turn off background data sync. To do so:

  • Open your device’s main Settings menu.
  • Under ‘Wireless & Networks’, select Data usage.
  • Touch the menu icon.
  • Make sure ‘Restrict background data’ is checked.
  • Make sure ‘Auto-sync data’ is unchecked.

4: Enjoy Free Facebook !!!


  • No Subscription required.
  • Switch to data mode or free mode from the top of facebook app.
  • Enjoy!

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Zong Network

Zong have lot of users in Pakistan because zong gives their customers an extra edge in every sector just like
Data Packages of Zong, Zong call packages, Zong sms packages, Zong super cards, Zong Hybrid Packages,
and much more facilities to their customers like Free Zong facebook , Zong Twitter 3G/4G offer or Zong sim upgrade offer.
Being the fastest internet provider in Pakistan gives its customers very good data bundles in cheap rates,
and many users of zong love the network because of its super sonic, ultra fast internet speed.

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