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Zong SMS Package: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and ZULU SMS

Mobile Service Providers in Pakistan are offering rapidly new packages to Pakistani users, and from all service providers Zong provides best packages to their customers below are the tables of Zong SMS packages that include, Zong Daily SMS Packages, Zong Weekly SMS packages, Zong Monthly SMS packages, and Zong Zulu SMS Bundles.

Zong provides best Daily SMS Packages for their customers so here is the list of Zong Daily SMS Packages or Zong Daily SMS bundles

Zong Daily SMS Package / Zong Daily SMS Bundle

Daily SMS Bundles are so used full if you want to send multi SMS to your friends or loved ones on some occasions, Like Eid, birthdays, 14 august, Pakistan day, etc. So Zong provides a vast range of daily SMS bundles from which you can choose the best that suited you,
Here is the table of Zong Daily SMS Packages.

Zong Daily SMS Bundles
PRICESMSMMSOther RecourcesSocialValiditySubscription
Rs.3.99/-500 SMS/day100 MMS/day1MB30 MB/dayMidnight same dayDial *700# and reply with 1
Rs.5/-100 SMS30MB1 Daydial 118*1#
Rs.8/-800 SMS50MB+ unlimited on net mins1 DayDial *999#
Rs.8/-100SMS50MB +100 on net mins1 DayDial *2200*1#
Rs.8/-100SMS90 free Mins1 DayDial *369#
Rs.8/-500 SMS10000 Free on-net Mins1 DayDial *666#
Rs.12/-500 SMS10000 Free on-net Mins40MB1 DayDial *118*2#

Zong Zulu SMS Bundle

Zulu SMS Bundle is the best of Zong SMS bundles for their users, This is the best offer of the peoples who want to get limited numbers of SMS but on a daily basis at low cost.
Below are the details of Zong ZULU SMS Bundle

Zong Zulu SMS Bundle
Rs.3500 SMS/dayMidnight same dayDial *700#

Zong Weekly SMS Package / Zong 7 days SMS Package

Weekly Sms bundles are the need of most of the peoples as they want some ease in their life’s so Zong provides a lot of Zong Weekly Sms bundles for their customers.
So below is the list of best Zong Weekly SMS bundle

Zong Weekly SMS Bundles
PriceSMSMMSOther ResourcesSocialValiditySubscription
Rs.17/-1500 SMS1MB200MB7 Daysdial *702#
Rs.90/-500 SMS500 (on-net) mins + 40 (off-net), 500MB7 Daysdial *7#
Rs.150/-700 SMS700 (on-net) mins + 40 (off-net), 700MB7 DaysDial *6464#
Rs.250/-1500 SMS1500 (on-net) mins + 100 (off-net), 1500MB7 DaysDial *70#

Zong Monthly SMS Package / Zong 30 days SMS Offer

Ease of 30 days by activating the SMS bundle offer of whole month is the first priority of every single person, So Zong brings more the many Monthly bundles for their customers at low rates.
Here is the table of Zong Monthly SMS Package along with other resources.

Zong Monthly SMS Bundles
PriceSMSOther resourcesSocial ValiditySubscription
Rs.50/-500 SMS30MB30 DaysDial *705#
Rs.300/-1000 SMS1000 (on-net) mins + 100 (off-net), 1000MB30 DaysDial *1000#
Rs.385/-2000 SMS2000 (on-net) mins + 150 (off-net), 2000MB30 DaysDial *6464# > 4 > 2
Rs.500/-1000 SMS1000 (on-net) mins + 50 (off-net), 2500MB30 DaysDial *1313#
Rs.615/-4000 SMS4000 (on-net) mins + 300 (off-net), 4000MB30 DaysDial *3030#
Rs.1000/-1500 SMS2000 (on-net) mins + 150 (off-net), 5000MB30 DaysDial*1313#
Rs.1155/-8000 SMS8000 (on-net) mins + 600 (off-net), 10000MB30 DaysDial *1500#
Rs.1500/-3000 SMS8000 (on-net) mins + 200 (off-net), 8000MB3 MonthsDial *1313#

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